Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday musings

As I laid in bed last night telling my husband that I was going to be pissed if so and so beat me at the 70.3, he gave me perspective; he reminded me that it really doesn't matter what everyone else dose and that all I can be is my best on that day. People who are older and heavier will beat me, big deal, we are all going to be out there doing it and that is what is most important.

Now on to training, I spent 30 minutes in the pool today doing TI drills, I plan to hit the pool on Thursday and Friday as well. I had completely forgotten all of the good stuff that I learned last year and was happy to find my sweet spot again! I am not going to rush it this year, I am in good shape, I will be able to complete the swim, maybe not in record time but if I can do it and not be dead tired all the drill will be worth it.

I'm tired and think I am going to go and read my new triathlete magazine.

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Business Time said...

You are going to rock the 70.3! I heart you very much!