Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ran home from work

It was good and tough at the same time. I forgot to pack my light running fleece, it was mid 60's and blowing, I thought I would be cold so I borrowed a fleece from a co-worker and headed out; I regretted the fleece decision about 2/10th into the run and really regretted it at about 1.5 miles. If it had been my own I would have ditched it on the side of the trail and went back for it later but since it wasn't mine I spent the next 7.5 miles with it wrapped around my waist. I had wind at my back some of the time so that was a bonus, at times it was blowing so hard I felt like I was expending extra energy to fight against it! I think it is hard to do that long of a run late in the day... I should have eaten more than I did, so I was very happy that JP packed me a little pack of jelly beans in my fuel belt, it was a lovely treat at 4 miles--thanks JP! :-)

Biking tomorrow and probably some swimming drills, if I am going to stay true to this new commitment to swimming I just gotta do it, oy!

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