Monday, April 6, 2009

Day off!!

No running, biking or swimming, yea!! I really do enjoy my workouts but the intensity is starting to increase and so is the intensity at work. Getting out of the office and going to the rec center is salvation, it is sanity and sooo necessary! I will be back at it tomorrow, I hope that I can get into the pool, right now my ears are killing me, I am not sure if I have an infection or swimmers ear but oh baby they hurt!!

I am really feeling fat, I know vacation and mai tai's will do that to you but man, I guess I am stunned that I can put in the work and not have the scale change! So today I really tried to think about what I ate, to eat only when I was hungry and think about the diminishing size of my ass. Well, apparently I really like the size of my ass because I ate plenty, including alfredo pasta, bit-o-honey, Costco brownie bites, a regular brownie and 2 poor man's mocha's, I wish I could say that was all I ate but that was just this afternoon. I think I have issues!!

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