Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I did it!

I started training yesterday and it felt great! I biked for 20 mins in Z2, ran for 10 in Z2 and learned all the weight machines and did the weight workout. I am going to bike tonight, swim and run tomorrow and maybe weights again on Friday. Anyway-Happy Training!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Heart Rate training

I just wanted to share an article with you about HR Training. I thought it was interesting. Basically says the same thing Don Fink does but here it is anyway:


Today's the day

Hi All,
I am making a commitment to you today (and to myself) I am officially starting my training, again. Check back tomorrow! I will let you know how it went!


Thursday, July 19, 2007


That's not long! YOWZA!

How Time Fly's!!!!!!! (Ha, I crack myself up!!)

Just a friendly reminder that we have 338 days and 15 hours to go!!!! (Now THAT is motivating!!!!).

SUPER FLY???? Say what?????

Yo-I am Supa Fly, according to my co-workers. Ok, not SUPER FLY but SupA Fly. I really don't have anything to blog because all I am doing is sitting on my fat butt and eating bon bon's. Ok, I am not doing that either but the scale doesn't like me and my heart doens't like me. Alright, I am going to work out...tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shout Out

Just a short shout out to the Tri Flys for a great day on Sunday. A very special wink wink to B Sue Fly for her first ever triathlon . You rock!!!
I now can say I sleep with a tri-athlete!!! (and that is as close as I will ever get to doing one myself).

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

athletic supporters

t fly and the fly never made it to mom and dad's for the photo op so here are the three of us, two Ironmen and one athletic supporter :-)

I can now be called a triathlete!!

Here is a picture of the three fly girls (t fly, b sue fly and the fly)

Well my first triathlon experience was humbling, inspiring, enlightening, educational and so much FUN!!!

I am so glad that I did the Valley Girl -- I wish I didn't have to wait a year to get to do it again; although over the next year I plan to find myself a road bike, no more Pee Wee Herman bike.

Now here is the recap for nobody but myself :-)

The swim was as hard as I thought it would be, I kept my head above water the entire time and met some nice gals along the way. It was so much fun to be in such a friendly, encouraging environment. I was surprised when I was out of the water in less than 20 minutes and alive, it was excellent!!

The bike ride was interesting, I didn't like the chubbier than me 41 year old who blew past me, but I had to remind myself that I was saving my quads for the run :-) The funniest part was that I was passed by at least 150 people on the bike ride, at the very end I just put my bike in the lowest gear possible and rode down the last hill and passed two people, I guess I am a little bit competitive.

The run was really fun. My hip flexor was killing me at the start of the third mile, so while I wanted to stop, it hurt way more to walk so I just kept running. I caught the 41 year old that passed me on the bike, so I had a little bit of satisfaction there.

After the race I was hopped up on adrenaline and then had a major blood sugar crash, fortunately the Fly Mom made a protein shake and the Donkey Llama recommended some Coke, that combo brought me back to the land of the living quickly, thank goodness!

I am really excited for the Ironman and all of the races in between. Now if only I felt as good on my run this evening as I did on Sunday...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

How I am preparing for my first Triathlon

Well, I just rode my bike around the block and I will now wear my goggles into the shower. I can't wear my cap because Anna didn't drop it off. My clothes are laid out, I think I am ready.

Wait, now I have to go swimming with fly daddy. I think I am prepared.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I really need to start doing somthing here folks...

I can't believe I have been such a slacker. Next week I am all about the trianing. I think Valley Girl this weekend will be a very rude awakening for me but I will get some cool temporary tattoos so it's worth it. Maybe I could pitch a sign somewhere that says "Will swim, bike and run for temporary tattoos". Does that make me a nerd? Ciao! Happy Friday the 13th!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This Tri-Fly needs fly goggles

My eyes and mouth were absolutely full of flies, I think my corneas look like a windshield!!! I guess the more you do this stuff the more equipment you realize that you need. I am not sure if I can afford this sport. . .I think I will wear my safety goggles on my next ride, I am pretty sure that they will work to keep my eyes fresh and clean and they won't cost me a dime. In the words of Ron Weasley. . .that's brilliant :-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tonight, I actually didn't want to stop running!

I was amazed but after running for about 35 minutes, I arrived at home and decided I didn't feel like stopping. . . amazing! Even when my heart rate was in zone 3, I felt really good! I think I may have seen a very tiny piece of IRON in my leg :-)

I actually ran the entire time, verrrrrrry slowly up a few hills, but I was running all the same. So, as I am cruising along (I use this term loosely) this 20-ish couple drove past me, I was cresting a hill and thus moving close to a snails pace (maybe a bit faster) and the both looked over at me and started laughing! I was at first indignant, but then I decided that they were a great motivation! So now I also have tiny piece of IRON in my will. . .

Sunday, July 8, 2007

157 participants in the Female 35-39 y.o. age group

That is a large bunch of crazy old ladies!! I was shocked that there were that many, as long as I am not last in my age group I will be happy :-) It's funny though, at the rate I am going (or not going as the case may be) I will be last, but at least I will finish!!

Actually, I am making up a calendar and have my workouts scheduled, that should help to keep me on track, except for tomorrow because "The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter" is on A&E tonight at 10 pm and there is no way that I can miss that and thus the morning workout will be very tough.

I am such a Harry Potter nerd, but I am just so excited for the new movie and the book to come out!! Sorry, I digressed, this is an Ironman blog not Harry Potter, I am back on track now.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fly Daddy is posting for the first time!!!

Not really, but now I know why he doesn't would take him hours to type out a two sentence thought, seriously. So mom and I decided that we would post for him :-)

He has decided after looking at the "just finish program" he is going to compact all of the "rest days" onto the beginning of his training, I am looking forward to seeing how that works.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Ironman CDA is sold out for 2008

Well guys-
IM CDA is sold out. Can you believe it? It took 6 days. I weighed myself this morning. I sure hope I can see the scale move down while training for this. I am not working out today but I will be the rest of the week. There are 2846 participants signed up. Only 627 of them are women, that's 22%. We've got to get strong and show these men what we are made of.