Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tonight, I actually didn't want to stop running!

I was amazed but after running for about 35 minutes, I arrived at home and decided I didn't feel like stopping. . . amazing! Even when my heart rate was in zone 3, I felt really good! I think I may have seen a very tiny piece of IRON in my leg :-)

I actually ran the entire time, verrrrrrry slowly up a few hills, but I was running all the same. So, as I am cruising along (I use this term loosely) this 20-ish couple drove past me, I was cresting a hill and thus moving close to a snails pace (maybe a bit faster) and the both looked over at me and started laughing! I was at first indignant, but then I decided that they were a great motivation! So now I also have tiny piece of IRON in my will. . .

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