Sunday, July 8, 2007

157 participants in the Female 35-39 y.o. age group

That is a large bunch of crazy old ladies!! I was shocked that there were that many, as long as I am not last in my age group I will be happy :-) It's funny though, at the rate I am going (or not going as the case may be) I will be last, but at least I will finish!!

Actually, I am making up a calendar and have my workouts scheduled, that should help to keep me on track, except for tomorrow because "The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter" is on A&E tonight at 10 pm and there is no way that I can miss that and thus the morning workout will be very tough.

I am such a Harry Potter nerd, but I am just so excited for the new movie and the book to come out!! Sorry, I digressed, this is an Ironman blog not Harry Potter, I am back on track now.

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