Friday, November 30, 2007

Triathlon Training Day 4

30 minute run today, I felt good, it loosened up my tight hamstrings :) I did not hit the pool this week, I need to get back in, I am sure I have lost every bit of progress that I had made, darn ear infection!

Okay, so I really only go to the rec center to swim but have been trying to utilize the other amenities a little bit more. So today I go into the locker room and I do not have my be Ironfit book with me that has my locker combo, (I think I should memorize it) I think I know what it is so I stand there for 10 minutes trying every combination of numbers that I think it should be, nothin'. Luckily I was bringing new clothes to put in my locker so I was able to get a run in without knowing my combination, but it made it almost impossible to shower, no way was I going in without my shower shoes! Everybody else is happy about that too, they just don't know it!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Triathon Training Day 3

Woo Hoo! I have to say that my hamstrings and glut's were a little tender today after the bike/run combo yesterday but it was the good kind of sore. Tonight I rode my bike for 30 minutes with the 100 RPM spinning, I got a little bored with the spinning, I like to be able to change around the gears.

After the bike ride I made an Ariel cake and I have to say that it looks pretty good! I think that her skin color should have been a little lighter but other than that good. I think everybody at work will love it :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Triathlon Training Log- day 2

Well, another excellent workout! It was kind of hard because we had dinner with some friends and since I was at a seminar all day again today I had to work out this evening. I rode my bike for 30 minutes and briskly walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes. I am going to try to follow the intermediate program when possible but I am not going to feel bad if I have to revert to the "Just Finish" program since that is all I really want to do anyway! I just want to feel ad good as I can in June :)


Nice juob starting right on time. I am going to start today. I am just not sure when. What program are you doing? Just finish or the intermediate one? I am hoping I will be able to get going on the workout and not be too tired from jet lag!

I love the logo! It looks great.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Official Training Day 1

Today's scheduled workout included a swim workout and a 15 minute zone 2 run. I had a seminar all day and was unable to get to the pool during open hours so I ran for 30 minutes. I felt great and right now I am extremely excited about the training program, hopefully this attitude will continue :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tomorrow's the day!

The "Official" 30 week training program starts tomorrow!! I am excited and nervous but Heroes is starting now so I don't have too much time to ponder my future pain. See you soon!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Biking shorts and pants

Alright, I am so very excited about my new biking clothes from 3 new shirts and 3 new bottoms; the spinnaker a "Lightly padded, in/outdoor relaxed bike capri", a pair of women's T-Short biking shorts, and finally my favorite of all the cool weather tights "Primo all-in-one padded tight for 40-60 degrees". They are so unbelievably comfortable, now if I only looked like the gals in the photos of the products I bought I would be ecstatic!

On to other things, I think I am done with my Christmas shopping, that is so excellent!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The bike saga

I am feeling mucho better about my bike, I actually like it now, yea!!!

I got a new angled stem so my handlebars are about 2 inches higer than they were before and I got a new womens gel seat which is taking the pressure off the butt. I am still thinking about the seat that I talked about in the previous post but I am going to ride on this new one for a while.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and on Tuesday of next week we are officially 30 weeks out from Ironman, yikes! The official, official training program begins. I was doing so well with my swimming until th ear infection, that rally derailed me, I hope I don't drown in the pool next week! I know that the lifeguards don't really want to get wet so I will be careful.

Training Diary
Last night I rode 8 miles in 35 minutes on the trainier, I think I need to get ALOT faster if I am ever going to complete the 112 mile ride!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A new saddle?

I am considering this "saddle", I found it on I am trying to have a good attitude about my bike. I am sick of not having it. The new saddle is necessary because I really need to take the pressure of my nether regions, I have been doing quite a bit of research on bike fit and have definitely learned that this is not a problem unique to me! In my quest for an excellent attitude I was thinking that my seat could have something to do with my discomfort because I don't like to lean forward for very long because it is extremely uncomfortable. Maybe if I was more comfortable leaning forward I would want to use some of the other grips, just some thoughts.

My Bike (Still.......)

Hopefully, today will be the day that "Bruce" and I will be able to connect to get my bike figured out. I am staying positive and I will do my best with this bike but I right now I feel like it was a $700 mistake :( I take partial responsibility, I should have done way more homework before I purchased, knowing that I am a little bit picky, especially when it comes to comfort. I guess my first tip off should have been that the store was a "Mountain Sports" store, why I thought this would be a good place to purchase a road bike is beyond me, ah well, live and learn :)