Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The bike saga

I am feeling mucho better about my bike, I actually like it now, yea!!!

I got a new angled stem so my handlebars are about 2 inches higer than they were before and I got a new womens gel seat which is taking the pressure off the butt. I am still thinking about the seat that I talked about in the previous post but I am going to ride on this new one for a while.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and on Tuesday of next week we are officially 30 weeks out from Ironman, yikes! The official, official training program begins. I was doing so well with my swimming until th ear infection, that rally derailed me, I hope I don't drown in the pool next week! I know that the lifeguards don't really want to get wet so I will be careful.

Training Diary
Last night I rode 8 miles in 35 minutes on the trainier, I think I need to get ALOT faster if I am ever going to complete the 112 mile ride!

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