Friday, November 30, 2007

Triathlon Training Day 4

30 minute run today, I felt good, it loosened up my tight hamstrings :) I did not hit the pool this week, I need to get back in, I am sure I have lost every bit of progress that I had made, darn ear infection!

Okay, so I really only go to the rec center to swim but have been trying to utilize the other amenities a little bit more. So today I go into the locker room and I do not have my be Ironfit book with me that has my locker combo, (I think I should memorize it) I think I know what it is so I stand there for 10 minutes trying every combination of numbers that I think it should be, nothin'. Luckily I was bringing new clothes to put in my locker so I was able to get a run in without knowing my combination, but it made it almost impossible to shower, no way was I going in without my shower shoes! Everybody else is happy about that too, they just don't know it!

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