Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brutal headwind and a bike crash...

I couldn't get anybody to ride with me today, shortly after heading out I figured out why. the temperature was up to 42 by the time I left, but unbeknown to me a 21 mph headwind was kicking up. It was pretty brutal, I can honestly say I felt like I was going to cry a couple of different times throughout the ride. to put a cherry on top of the worst ride I have had in a long time I crashed, then I REALLY wanted to cry! I removed a little skin from my left flank and my left elbow is skinned and KILLING me. I almost called JP to come pick me up but decided to suck it up and power on, the ride was 35 mile and the crash was at mile 30 only 5 miles to home IN TO THE WIND! I am glad I did, but man oh man, it took some serious positive self talk to get through that one, if it is blowing like that tomorrow I am on the trainer!!

We'll see how the run goes...Have a great weekend!

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