Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final workout of 2009

The year in review, unoriginal. I know :-)  I have had a pretty fantastic year workout wise!  I have made it through without injury, oh sure, I have had my fair share of aches and pains and one or two bike crashes, but no significant injuries, I will now knock on wood as I know that I should not have said anything.

I did decide to set some New Year's Resolutions, they are more goals than resolutions. I track my workouts and the time and distance spent and I am pretty pleased with how things turned out.  I originally set my goal at 175 hours, thinking this would be a stretch but better to stretch than to set my sights short, right?  As it turns out on 12/29 I have 215.7 hours, I should have gone for 225 but I didn't,I could have cheated a little and put in the hours and miles that I tracked with my Garmin (I know I am a dork) while at Disneyland in early December but decided not to, so I will mention here that we walked 48 miles in 4 days!!  Here is what the breakdown looks like: 

Bike     1,112 miles - 69.8 hours
Run         385 miles - 72.5 hours
Swim 45,695 yards - 24.3 hours
Various other (P90X) - 49.1 hours

I think I will set my goal for next year at 225 hours, I hope to ride 1,500 miles, run 500 and swim 100,000 yards.  Yikes!  When I write it out like that it seems really scary but I think it is attainable, the worst that can happen is that I don't make my goal, better to go big!!  2010 is going to be a good year, I am really looking forward to it, I am stronger and healthier than I have been in a long time, maybe ever!

I am going to resolve to get a pair of Lululemon pants this year, they are too cute to pass up and from all the reviews I have gathered they are totally worth the money, perhaps a birthday present to myself, yeah, I really like that idea!

Happy New Year!!

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whatnowdad said...

You are going to rock 2010!