Monday, December 21, 2009

I can't believe it is almost Christmas!!

Well, I am pretty much done with shopping and now I am doing a little baking, that is not going very well, I don't know what the deal is but, and I know this sounds crazy, it's as if my flour isn't working, I have needed to use about an extra cup to each of the last two recipes I have made, it's crazy!

My mom and dad came to visit last night, my dad is signed up to do Ironman with me in June so we always have LOTS to talk about. A lot of the discussion lately has been my bike, and last night was no different. My dad feels strongly that I should get a new bike, my bike is not nice, it is a bottom of the line Specialized men's road bike but it works for me, I added pink tape to the handlebars and it looks quite cute! I am not that finely tuned (on somethings, on other things however, I would venture to say I am VERY finely tuned). He has a very nice carbon fiber bike and tells me how great it feels to ride, which is why I have never tried one, carbon fiber is really not in my price range right now, a new bike for that matter is not on my radar. A quick a side note; seeing the bikes that people were riding at the world championship gave me a bit of bike envy then I got over it. I am sure the bike saga has not ended but for now discussions have stopped...

I get the day off from working out today, there is a part of me that wants to do something but I have to remind myself that days off serve a purpose they are not just for being lazy, they are for recovery and if I want to get through an injury free season I need to remind myself to follow the prescribed plan! Perhaps just a good stretching session would be beneficial.

Alright, now I have to go clean the bathrooms, they have been neglected for far too long!

Quick recipe note, I made a bean and vegetable soup last night that as I was making it I was a bit skeptical about, it turned out amazing, super hearty and everyone at the table ate it, inconceivable!

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trifitmom said...

that is so cool that your dad is doing one with you !