Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just watched the Ironman World Championships!

Man alive, if you need inspiration that is the most AWESOME way to get it!! I sooooooo want to cross that finish line, I know that it is going to be hard, I know that I am going to truly find out what I am made of but I am so excited! Watching the age groupers finish is what I find most inspiring, the pros are remarkable and great fun to watch; but it is the 79 year old man finishing his 20th Ironman, the cancer survivor crossing the line, the double amputee getting pulled off the bike but having the guts to go out there and try and every other story that really get me going, many tears were shed today!

All I want to do is finish and if I have to do that by carrying my leg I am going to! For some people setting a goal of 16:59:59 is probably so lame, but when I finish, even if it is only with a few minutes (seconds) to spare it is going to be right up there with the top moments in my life! :-) I am not going to wish my life away however, I need all the time I can get at this point!

Okay, just a quick side note as I finish this post; first and foremost I am a mom and there are times when I just have to laugh at the things that I say, things I could have never imagined myself saying. Just now, as I was about to publish I hear a little voice from down the hall say "K, come here and put your head in the dryer!" to which I have to respond "NO, do not put your head in the dryer, nobody can put their head in the dryer." What response do I get? "Can I put my monkey in the dryer?" Of course, go ahead and put your monkey in the dryer.

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trifitmom said...

ahh love that aobut the kids and dryer. i watched the ironman as well and i swear to god i am in awe of all them, the pros, the average joe, and then those amazing folks who had a stroke and overcame, double is amazing...