Monday, December 28, 2009

I officially did not gain weight over the holidays!

Hallelujah!  I am not really one to weigh myself all that often but I do weigh myself often enough to know if I have gained a significant amount of weight, and this fall I gained 6 pounds.  Here is the crazy part, I decided to do the P90X workouts as a way to get in better shape, to get prepped for "official" training when it started in early December, well I promptly gained 6 pounds!  You can say it is muscle (it wasn't) and all that other bull but at the end of the day I was 6 pounds heavier and I am still going to have to haul that extra 6 pounds up every hill on every bike ride and every run and therefore I need to drop it!  So I am being sensible and working to slowly drop the ugly 6 pounds (I am down 2,) and hopefully drop a few more, I would like to race at 135 or 136; we will see if 14 pounds is in the cards, I suspect it is not, my hips seem to really like their cushion :-)  My sister in law who is in town for the holiday's looks fabulous and she told me that she and her husband had been doing Isagenix (?) since October, I am not willing to go to that extreme (or spend the money for that mater) but it did inspire me, not enough to to keep me from eating a movie sized box of Good-n-Plenty over the past two days however, curses!!

I have been trying to sell my daughter's bunk beds, they were an impulse purchase that really didn't work out the way that I imagined.  We thought we had them sold and I was going to use the money to purchase a new camera, the deal fell through because the people who were going to buy it thought the mattresses were included.  Am I insane that I wasn't including the mattresses?  I cannot imagine wanting to purchase a used mattress, maybe it is just doesn't really matter because the beds are still here and so are the mattresses.

On that topic (sort of) I have decided it is time for a new camera.  I bought one a few years back that had all of the features that I wanted, unfortunately, it is the most un-user friendly camera I have ever used, so I am back to the drawing board.  I am considering a Canon Rebel XS 1000 or something like that, my mother in law has one and I think it might be nice to have the same camera for learning and teaching each other things.  I will probably have to think about this one for the next year or so, apparently I only buy bunk beds quickly :-)

Gotta go clean the bathrooms and make a salad, tonight is the last night with the family from out of town so it could be a late one!!

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