Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is there a Santa Claus?

My eight year old asked me this question at dinner tonight, really? I was not ready, so we talked about how just because we don't see something doesn't mean it's not real and plus Santa always brings the presents that mom and dad can't afford :-). When my kiddos were babies I thought it was soooo hard, not getting enough sleep, etc. that was nothing compared to now, I hope I can handle it!

Did a brick workout tonight, felt pretty good, I ended up on the bike way too late, JP wasn't home and nobody wanted to go to bed. Anyway, I felt great changed my shoes and headed to the treadmill for the running portion of the workout, felt fantastic until I hit 11 minutes, my heart rate spiked to 176 and I had to slow down to 4.5 to get back into Zone 2! I didn't feel weird except for the hammering in my chest but that was a bit strange, hopefully it won't happen again.

Made a big batch of pumpkin muffins, hopefully the kids will eat them if I pack them in their lunch, today I was told that the apple sauce wasn't smooth enough...I figure at some point they are going to get hungry and have to eat, right?

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Tricia said...

At 2 years old, this is the first year where my son knows anything about santa. They start questioning by 8 years? Wow, thats early.

The pumpkin muffins sound great.