Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas is over, and I mean OVER!

The tree is down, the decorations are down and packed away and I feel very peaceful, very, very peaceful! I absolutely love the holiday season, we break out our decorations and have the entire house decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving, you could say that we maximize the season, but when it is over, it is OVER! My husband and I have actually taken the tree down on Christmas night before, but that was before kids and we realized it was a bit extreme!

Tonight is a good night, the kids are already nestled, all snug in their beds (uh oh, Christmas reference, sorry about that) and I am finishing the laundry, trying to sort through what to keep and what to donated prior to the end of 2009. We have had family in town since the 21st so it really feels great to be hanging out with just my family in my own home. The kids have not been to bed before 9:30 PM in 8 days, they are exhausted and I am exhausted from all of the whining that I had to endure this morning while getting them ready to take a picture with all of their cousins; fortunately they were on their best behavior once we left the house. I love the people who are visiting but we just need to get some rest!

I was very spoiled on Christmas this year, we don't go over the top but we do okay, I got a big 9-quart canner and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, awesome, great for riding on the trainer! I got my husband some compression running tights from 2XU and I am a bit jealous of them, he says they are FABULOUS! He had lots of trouble with leg and muscle cramping last year so I really hope these will help him.

Finally, I did not miss a single workout this week, it felt awesome, even with the holiday, I managed to get the miles in. I am already sick of riding on the trainer in the basement but I just gotta do it since it was 21 degrees here today. I tell you what though, my lady bits are a bit angry with me, my seat and I are not good friends right now. I gotta figure out what is going on and soon because the 3, 4 and 5 hours ride I have ahead of me are going to be torture!

Of course now that the holiday is over and I have the basement biking to look forward to, I want a power meter for my bike. I sound like a bit of a nut with this one but I think it would be really interesting to see if I could match the power output when I am outside to what I am doing when I am inside, or vice a versa. This is kind of funny coming from somebody who just hopes to finish my big race with a goal finish time of 16:59:59 :-)

Well the dryer just let me know it is time for me to get back at it. I hope everybody out there had a wonderful Christmas filled with Peace, Love and Happiness!

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