Monday, January 4, 2010

The bike saga

so a few weeks ago I decided that I didn't need a new bike, my dad (and husband, and brother-in-law) do not agree with me, they all think I need a new bike.  You see it all started with the bike saga way back in 2007, I bought an entry level bike that was too big, so I have been rding on and modifying a 56 cm road bike for 2+ years, it is too big, I know that, but I just really don't want to spend the money.

So my dad takes me to the bike shop just to have them "fit" me, tell me what size bike I should have so they can keep an eye out for a good used bike, as it turns out I should have a 54 cm possibly a 52 cm frame, it is no wonder I am never comfortable on my bike!  Now I am completely tempted by the Kestrel Talon Tri bike (see the photo.)  I am trying to keep my head about me and not lose myself in a pretty new bike, but the idea of getting a new bike and being comfortable is really appealing.  This is compounded by the fact that my training partner got a new bike before last season and reminds me often that she had no idea it was possible to feel as good on a bike as she does now, it is not necessary to suffer. 

Well, for now I will continue to dream and contemplate and tune out my husband when he tells me I should just go ahead and buy the darn thing!  I'll keep you posted...


shellyrm said...

Thanks for reading my blog and following. Hopefully we can inspire and encourage each other along the way.

Have a great first week of the year!

Teamarcia said...

Just found your blog! Wow that bike is purty...get the darn thing already! You'll love it!