Monday, January 18, 2010

Initial review of the new Tri Bike!

I am writing this review of my new bike because I am super excited and also because I searched high and low and could not find a single review online for the 2009 Kestrel Talon Tri.  Yes, I got last years model (better price) plus I liked the color more, black and white v. black and red :-)  I had a huge personal debate as to whether or not I should get a road bike or a tri bike, in talking with the bike shop we decided that a tri bike was the way that I should go because that is what I do, I do triathlons, I don't do bike races, I don't go out for rides that aren't training rides, so we settled on the tri bike.  He did all kinds of measurements and then I finally got to ride the bike so we could start tweaking my position on the bike. I did not get set up in a super aggressive position, definitley more aggressive than before but not so aggressive so that I feel like I am going to go over the top of my handle bars. 

I was able to take it for a ride yesterday!!  I struggled through some initial frustrations, I felt like I weighed 500 pounds and all of the pressure was on my lady bits, I felt like I wanted to cry, so I got off the bike, had some coffee, had some lunch, relaxed a bit and then got back on much better!  Road trips always exhaust me, I don't know what I was thinking trying to get on the bike right after getting out of the car, I was just so excited though!  I was able to ride 2.5 hours on the trainer (too much rain and cold outside) and I averaged 17.97 miles per hour.  I still need to get used to the new saddle but that will come with time (oh how I hope that it comes sooner than later!).  The bike itself weighs about 3 pounds less than my other one, and definitely feels smaller when I move it around.  I cannot wait to get to ride it outside to really get a feel for how different it is.  I will write a real review once I get that chance.

The photos I posted are the before and after, you can see on the second photo the difference in the geometry of the tri bike v. the road bike. 

On a somewhat related note, because of the road trip and everything else this weekend, I missed my Saturday run.  I became very grumpy and aggitated on Saturday afternoon and couldn't figure out why, I was on the edge and it finally occurred to me that my poor body had no idea how to get rid of all of the pent up energy!  Unfortunately I had forgotten my running shoes, I won't do that again!  Even though it is supposed to be a rest day today, I will be hitting the trail!

Happy Monday!

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shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I am a grouch if I don't get to run too!!

Hope you enjoy getting the bike outside! The sun is shining here today!