Tuesday, January 26, 2010

another morning workout on the books!

I hauled my butt out of bed at 5:30 and got my workout done by 7:00am, woo hoo! I am not a morning person, so it is really a challenge trying to reset my internal clock to not only get out of bed that early but to also get my body moving at a speed of approximately 12 mph. I am getting faster in the morning, keep in mind I say faster NOT fast :-) 

It is Tuesday, so I am very excited to watch The Biggest Loser tonight, that is one of my favorite shows on TV, in fact, it is the only show that I actually watch on the night that it airs and almost in real time, I love it!  While I was running this morning I was watching the local morning news and I saw a preview for tonight's episide, it looks interesting.  I wonder what the red team is up to?  JP and I are sitting here discussing what we think is going to happen, I personally think that the red team is going to dump a huge amount of weight this week and still try to say that she didn't throw the past two weigh ins-I think we have a new "villian."  I know, I am such a dork sitting here discussing strategy on TBL but I am who I am, sue me.

I will hopefully be swimming later, it will be so nice to be completely done with both workouts today before 1:30pm, I hope I have the energy!!

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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trifitmom said...

good for you on the early am workout. i am not a morning person either, and my time at the gym is usually btw 9am and 10am but i signed up for a weekend tri class and you need to be at the gym at 6.30am. i went once so far and holy crap it is dark out and just feels WRONG. looking forward to the biggest loser as well, love that show.