Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The bliss I feel in 2010...

My excellent outlook was ever so slightly fractured yesterday.  Monday, I swear, I could not stop smiling, it was just one of those days, coming off of 12 days of vacation, everything felt right, even as I was driving home I was smiling, often times I have to listen to Laurie Birkner and think about my kids to get my spirits up.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think I am a Debbie Downer, it is just that sometimes work gets me down.  So anyway, yesterday, everything was making me a bit crazy, my boss was making me crazy, circumstances that I have no control over were making me crazy, people in administration were making me crazy, so crazy I ate four Lindor dark chocolate truffles, I am not usually a stress eater but I guess yesterday was a bit different.  I do not like feeling like that so I made the decision that today was going to be different, I had to oommmmm a few times and go to the gym to workout for an hour, but I felt better, I made a conscious choice not to let circumstances that are completely out of my control to make me crazy.  I only ate 2 truffles and gave the rest away to my co-workers, I will probably regret that tomorrow, but for now I feel good about it. 

So in 2010 when people do things that don't make sense, I pledge to take a deep breath and ooommmmmmm before I do anything, then I will remember that whoever made the crazy decision must have had a good reason and I just have to have faith that they know more than I do...this is where I put on my rose colored glasses.  I still have a job, my family is happy and healthy, I have a roof over my head, I am probably going to get a new bike, and I went to the store tonight and bought beautiful organic produce that I could afford; people might make me crazy but I could certainly have it a whole lot worse.  Tomorrow is another day that I am looking forward to; tomorrow, I pledge to make a difference, even if it is very small, to somebody somewhere, that might mean eating a cheese yummy, but I am okay with that.  I also pledge to learn the serenity prayer, I might need it!


shellyrm said...

Great attitude. ooooommmmmm. I had a difficult day today too!

Real Housewives of Fashion said...

Great mindset. The only control you have is how you react. It's better to stay in a positive mood and not react negatively and ruin your day.

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