Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm glad I wore my old shoes!

Snow, slush, mud, rain, you name it we saw it!  The picture I posted is of my feet when I got home, it doesn't show how wet they are, but you can see the snow (sort of!), I was really glad I put my old shoes on, I just had a feeling that we were going to see some undesireable elements :-).  The weather was far from optimal but I have to say it was a really great run; you see, I got to run with JP, and that doesn't happen all too often.  So, we ran together (I chased him a bit) and chatted, I feel lucky that we share the endurance training hobby.  Because we are parents we don't get to train together very often, so when the stars align and we get to go out together I consider it a treat.  We stayed together for about 45 minutes and then I cut off and headed home.  Once I was on my own without anybody to talk to I could really take time to concentrate on my form, pay attention to everything around me (slick sidewalks for instance), and truly enjoy the experience.  There is something empowering about a run through the snow, even when cars would drive by and spray up slush and muck, I just had to smile because I felt so great today! 

I am struggling with my eating, I don't think I am getting enough protein, I will change that this week, I just have to figure out how...

On a side note, my girlfriend asked my to consider entering a "Masters Swimming Meet", apparently there is a 1650 yard open swim that she thinks I should consider.  My original thought was "NO WAY!" but then she made a good point, almost every triathlete thinks nothing of entering a running race or a cycling race but nobody ever enters a swimming race, it might not be such a bad thing to swim for time, I am seriously going to consider it, coming in last in a swim race would be no different than coming in last in a running race, right?  That made my stomach flip, I am pretty sure that in a running race I won't come in last, maybe in the last 3rd, but not last, in a swimming race you can almost bet I will come in last, I am slow, slow and slow.  Anyway, it is somehting I am considering, we will see how it actually pans out.

My numbers for the week:
Biking     75 miles
Running   19 miles
Swim       1600 yards
Hours     8.7

Have a happy week!


N.D. said...

I would love to do a swim race! I am always strapped for protein too. If I drink 2 glasses (cups) of milk, have a protein shake, throw in some veggie/soy products, I can usually do ok. + cheese too. TVP - textured veggie protein is high in it, but not sure if I am 100% of its health benefits, and now the nut. yeast seems great! Good luck.

whatnowdad said...

Swim baby swim...I think that would be a lot of fun!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Our shoes saw similar action this weekend. Nice run.

Swimming. You should go for it! I'll stay in the kiddy pool.

Swim Coach Finder said...

Hi. We follow your blog and we would like you to consider joining our Swim Coach Finder Facebook Group.

misszippy said...

Give the swim race a go! Definitely good training for tri's and you may surprise yourself.

Scott Keeps Running said...

snow melted?