Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What the heck have I done?!?!?!

Ironman, are you kidding me?!?! I am having a "you have got to be kidding me" moment, I feel like I am way to slow and I am going to be devastated if I miss one of the cut offs. I am taking a little comfort in the fact that I am doing the "Intermediate" work out rather than the "Just Finish" program. I know that I am not the first person to feel this way, but I have had very few moments where I felt this way so it disturbs me a little. Maybe I am just really tired.

Here is a really huge positive. Nobody outside of my immediate family knows that I am training for Ironman, I am sure people might wonder why I would spend 3 hours and 30 minutes on my bike in one day, but nobody has asked and I am not ready to tell. I just really don't want to hear about how crazy it is, I know it is crazy but I have committed to it and even though my confidence is a little shaky today, I WILL FINISH! Anyway, the point of my story is that I told a co-worker (who is also a good friend) what I was doing and she was sooooo supportive and excited for me. It was an awesome response and so very encouraging. I wish everybody had that kind of enthusiasm for sport and physical fitness.

Okay, I am off to fold the mountain of laundry that is washed and dried but not folding itself!

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