Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time Management

I am struggling a bit with my time management. I knew that it would get intense coming down to the wire but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with my job, the laundry, spending time with the family, the side business, keeping up with the family, learning to swim more efficiently, maximizing my grocery money, driving 5 miles below the speed limit on cruise control to save gas, being part of a team that has to raise $125 Million over the next 7 years, walking on egg shells, maintaining relationships; and then the really important stuff like eating my vegetables, eating complex carbs, not eating simple carbs, remembering to put scraps in the composter instead of the garbage disposal, etc, etc. Writing it down in words actually is reminding me of how much I have and how lucky I truly am. At the end of the day when I go to bed I will still be incredibly thankful for what I have and the fact that I even have the ability to train and try to juggle the rest of it. :)

I have a really good life!!

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