Sunday, September 27, 2009

My friend laughed at me

So, I was talking with my friend who is an animal, lets just get that out in the open; she works out more than anyone I know and harder than anyone I know-seriously. So anyway, I was halfway through my bike ride on Saturday and I ran into her at the turn around, she of course had run 11 mile to get to that point and was getting ready to participate in a "fun run" after her "warm up". We hadn't seen each other for a while so we were catching up, in the conversation I mentioned that I had been doing P90X "you know, the one from the infomercial" and she replied "yeah, ha, so-and-so mentioned that you had been doing that". I just let it slide because seriously, I will never be able to be on the same planet as her athletically and it just doesn't matter. I did however get together with so-and-so this afternoon and mentioned the laughing at me, I told so-and-so right then that until she starts participating in the P90X program she was not allowed to laugh, I am pretty sure my point was made. Okay, now the question is, do people really need to make fun of me, just because I am doing an infomercial workout? If you have done the P90X and "brought it" the way Tony Horton (sp?) suggests, you know full well that it is no laughing matter! Anyway, I guess that is it nothing more except, I feel like I need to mention how glad I am that I am starting a recovery week, my muscles are TIRED!

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