Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boring blogger

So, I am a boring blogger, I gotta stop that. Today I started P90X, oy! Core synergistics was tough, that or I am really weak! The program can only help my triathlon training, core strengthening is huge!! The kids were participating in the workout with me, I was so proud of them until they started fighting over who got the pink yoga mat, really? It was a peaceful 6 minutes with no fighting, why didn't I buy yoga mats that were the same color? I should know better by now!

I still can't figure out why I do triathlons-last night I asked a good girl friend of mine who is a pretty amazing triathlete and she said it is so she can look good in a bathing suit. I wish I could say first of all, that I looked good in a bathing suit, and second of all, that that was my reason, not so much, still looking...

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