Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ho are we supposed to do it all?

Two things, okay actually three (1) I am pretty sure I have the swine flu, a mild case but the swine flu all the same, every symptoms that I have fits including the stomach part of it, the good news here is that I will not have to worry about it again ;-) I am really wanting/needing to workout but my swine flu is preventing that, makes me truly a pig, ha!

(2)My girlfriend called me to ask me how I do it all and while I was flattered that she thought I could do it all but had to break it to her that I just fake it really well. It got me thinking about doing it all and why we think that we have to. I have been fortunate that my husband has been home all summer with the kids and he is a true help around the house, this helps me to "do it all". But still I try to not let anything drop and when I do I am so disappointed with myself and feel like I am letting my kids down. This is really unhealthy in my opinion however it helped me to identify my first reason for why I do triathlons which is (3) in today's post. One of the reasons I do triathlons is because when I am training I feel like it is okay to say no and take time for myself. I still feel a little guilty but know I am a better mom because of it.

So boring post but it let me sort out some of my feelings on these topics. I would really like to expand on each of #2 & #3 but my swine flu is making me too tired, perhaps I can do that tomorrow. Good night.

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Anonymous said...

You do it all for me and for your kids. You are our super mom and we love you so much for it!