Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I gotta get going on the morning workouts!

Aarrgghhhhhh! I cannot get my butt out of bed to get in a morning workout and I know that just HAVE to do this to make my Ironman training work. You would think that having kids would automatically make me a morning person, my daughter gets up at the crack of dawn. Why don't you get up when she gets up, you ask? Well that is because she is old enough to make herself some cereal and as she tells it make bacon in the microwave. We are not going to be teaching her to use the micrwave anytime soon but her independance really works against me when it comes to getting out of bed. Now I have a new plan...P90X in the morning. I understand it is a pretty killer program but I think it will be a great lead in to my official Ironman training, I hope. P90X in the morning and swimming 3 days a week at noon, come November I should be good to go.

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