Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ironman Triathlon Week 2 Days 2 & 3

I missed posting yesterday, I was kind of busy! Things are still going really well, I biked for 30 minutes and ran for 15, I felt great! Today was a "spinning" day, 30 minutes at <100 rpm's in z1. I stayed in high z1 to low z2, I couldn't find the right balance of tension but I will work on that. I am amazed at how inspired I feel and how on occasion I have wished that I had a little bit more to do, I know that once I add the swimming back in that will likely no longer be the case :)

I will say that it felt weird on Monday not doing anything because so much had gone on the week prior. 4 Hours over 6 days, that is pretty good, it is kind of hard to believe that I am only in week 2, over the Christmas Holiday it is going to be difficult to stay on track!

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