Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rough trainer ride!

Today was rough...2.5 hours on the trainer in the middle of my living room!  I didn't plan my nutrition very well, (probably because I was in my living room) and at the 2 hour mark I kind of hit the wall.  I don't want to say I bonked because that would be ridiculous since I was in my living room BUT I kinda did bonk!  I got off the bike had a bite to eat and was able to finish it but was kinda wasted the rest of the afternoon.

Do you ever just have random aches and pains?  I woke up this morning and I could barely walk on my right ankle!  It is so crazy, I do not remember doing ANYTHING to it, but still tonight it is hurting, stupid ankle!  I am planning a 9 mile run tomorrow, it had better shape up over night.

Made delicious Chicken Seitan Dumplings with rice and snow peas, lets clarify, I thought they were delicious, the grades that I received were A, B and B- so I guess that gives me an average of a B, I'm okay with that :-)

Priced out the materials for a pergola I'm super excited about it, and am now deep cleaning the house, well sorta, I'm typing and JP is cleaning :-).

Have a happy day!

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