Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nope, we're not ready to go Vegan :-)

The family wanted sliders tonight so I caved and BBQ'd, I guess we all have days like that.  Everybody enjoyed them :-)

Today's workout didn't happen, a stomach bug has decided to hit our house, it is nothing that will lay you out for hours, or make you spend the night on the bathroom floor but it is bad enough that when it hits you better not hesitate when you run to the bathroom!  It was because of this that I chose not to go out side for my run and thankfully so since I only ran for about 10 minutes total on the treadmill before I was done in.  Tomorrow is another day, hopefully I will get my run in then.

I planted carrots, radishes and peas in the garden today!  I am beside myself with excitement, I just love to garden, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  It is probably too cold but I don't care, the cost of three packets of seeds is totally worth it!

My co-worker among may others will be running the Boston Marathon tomorrow, I have been thinking about her a lot this weekend-what an accomplishment just to qualify!  Tina, I'm thinking about you and I hope that this time you have the best race of your life!!

Have a happy day!

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