Thursday, April 7, 2011

It may not have been my best idea...

But I thought what the heck...I think I will sign up for a 70.3, and I did...and it is only 64 days away and I haven't been in the water since last August, oh what have I done?!?!  It's all good (I think), I have maintained my fitness (thank you muscle memory!) and will now just step it up a bit.  I rode my bike 2 hours on Saturday and ran 8 miles on Sunday so I feel like I will be okay, if I can make it through the swim!  I think my biggest challenge is going to be to get my time management skills back in order, those have been a bit lacking lately.  So...the floor is swept and mopped, the bathrooms are next and then I will call it a night; laundry will start first thing in the morning and hopefully after JP comes home at lunch and switches the load, by the time we hit the hay tomorrow night it will be complete and the weekend will magically open up, I love when that happens!

Vitamin D, I have to comment on it.  I have no idea if I was running a vitamin D deficit but I decided to start taking it to see if it would assist me in being a titch more lively and you know what? I think it is working, perhaps it is just a psychological reaction but who cares, it's working!  I even slept last night, in fact I think I only woke up once, miracle of miracles!  I am not a good sleeper and any night where I only wake up once is like heaven on earth!

I guess that is it.  Have a happy day!

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