Monday, November 23, 2009

The best of intentions

I had every intention of swimming at noon today but I had a meeting that literally went almost 2 hours over when it was supposed to end. I was supposed to meet Jennifer, luckily I had my computer in the meeting and was able to send her a note that I was going to be late (or completely absent.) I will hopefully be able to make it tomorrow, that would be a real drag if I didn't make it again.

I have decided not to buy a new bike before Ironman, my bike is not fancy but it is a good bike, I am comfortable on it so I think it will do. I think that the last piece of equipment that I need is a pair of split fins for swim training, that would be crazy if I didn't have to spend too much on training this year!

I went back and reviewed my training log from two years ago and WOW, I am way ahead of where I was in 2008. I HAVE to be more committed to swimming, I think having a swim partner as well as a much greater idea about what it takes will make a huge difference on race day. I am actually really excited to start training next week!

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