Sunday, October 18, 2009

How much wine is too much?

Seriously? Is a glass of wine with dinner, say 5 nights a week too much? How about a glass of wine with dinner and a nudge more after the kids go to bed, is that too much? Is a glass a wine with dinner 5 nights a week better than 5 beers on Friday night? I think so. Am I justifying my wine habit? Probably. I think in the grand scheme of things, I don't drink all that much, a lot more than some people for sure, but a helluva lot less than a lot of people. I guess it is like lattes for me, I go on a run when lattes taste so good and I want one everyday and then all of a sudden they don't taste as good and then they taste really bad and then it is like torture to have to drink one. I anticipate this coming with wine soon, lately sharing a glass with my hubby is plenty, soon I won't even want to drink any for a while, this will be good when I head into official Ironman training.

Damn, I am going to start training soon! Boy do I hope that my body changes, I want it to get leaner and for my legs to grow longer :-)

Well, I guess I better go clean the bathrooms now! More on my new homemade, green cleaning cleaning products later.

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