Wednesday, May 6, 2009

37 days til race time!!

I knew that the race was coming up but 37 days seems really close! I went in to quick care today and was diagnosed with seasonal allergies and sinusitis; my ear drums are bulging but not infected so that was really good news! I started taking Claritin tonight, hopefully that will shoo all of these aggravating symptoms away; I want to feel like myself again. I have never really experienced allergies and I have to say that I do not like them!!

More than my allergy symptoms, I am frustrated with my nutrition. I am dragging a lot of the time lately and as my workouts get longer and more intense I am finding myself zapped of energy. I had hoped to lose 1 pound a week for 5 week prior to the race but I have put that on hold, I just need to find the right mix of protein, fat and carbs. I think I am eating too much fat because I LOVE avocado (and cheetos, did I say that out loud?), but that is the good kind of fat, right?

Anyway, I hope that this post doesn't sound too negative, I am not feeling negative at all, maybe just a bit overwhelmed, I want to be my best on race day!!!

PS - even thought it kind of freaked me out that the race is only 37 days away, I am also really excited!

PSS - I signed up to volunteer at Ironman, hopefully I will get to be a "catcher" at the finish line!!!

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