Monday, July 19, 2010

Ironman Blues? Not so far...

I have not experienced any of the "Ironman Blues" that I have read about, I am thankful for that!  I had few days where I felt a little blah but nothing that was of concern.  I think part of being able to avoid feeling like that is that I have an olympic distance triathlon that I am looking forward to in August, so I think that is helping.

Speaking of olympic distance tri's, my husband and I are signed up for the same August triathlon and he has proposed a wager...but he is also proposing that I give him a 10 minute handicap.  His logic is that because I have completed an Ironman and he has only completed a sprint triathlon that surely I am faster than him.  Let's get something straight here, I may have crossed the finish line, but I surely didn't do it quickly! I am pretty sure that I am being dupped :-)  I am going to agree to the wager because I think it will be fun and you never know what will motivate you, I may find that I am far more competitive than I ever thought I was!

I guess I better start doing a little more training or it is going to be painful! 

Have a happy day!

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DRog said...

Your being duped - tell him to MAN UP and do it straight up! Nice you have the Oly to look fwd to