Friday, July 23, 2010

"I split my pants!!"

It seems that the only time you really see somebody split their pants wide open is in a movie or sit-com, and for some reason it is always funny, mostly because it is not happening to you. 

My sister was dealing with a great deal of drama recently because she was going to be attending an afternoon wedding and just couldn't decide what to wear, she finally decided on a turquoise shirt, white pants and chocolate brown toenails, the outfit was amazing!  She thought that the older white pants might be a bit tight and didn't feel all that comfortable so she went and bought herself a roomier pair. The day of the wedding arrives and she puts on her fantastic outfit and heads to the wedding.  Becasue it was an afternoon wedding she thought she needed to put a little bit of sunscreen on her son, when she bent down her pants split half way up her rear end!  Fortunately she had the "too tight" pair of pants in her car so the outfit was saved.  Needless to say she is signing up to do a Half Iron with me next year!  She is not chubby, I think the pants were just defective but I am really excited that she and I will be racing together!

Have a happy day!


DRog said...

Its not just the kids that need backup outfits...adults too!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Oh my god, that must have been so embarrassing for her! Thank god she had the other pants in her car! Hooray for you two racing together next year...that is going to be great!