Saturday, March 22, 2008

60 miles!!!!

Wow, today's workout was as challenging mentally as it was physically but I did it!! I felt anuseated before I got on the bike and while it subsided a little, I never quite broke out of feeling that way completely. The best part of the ride was that I was faster! I rode 60 miles in 3:30, I know that is still not fast but I am getting faster, I rode 49.8 miles in 3 hours last time, so I added 10 miles in 30 minutes, yeah hoo! The other big triumph was breaking the 50 mile barrier, I was very happy to go past that number.

I found an interesting calculator from Self Magazine that gives you an idea of the amount of calories that you burn while exercising, I was just curious to see what type of energy I am expending vs. what I am taking in while on the bike. Today I was off completely , I was shaky and sweaty the entire ride, I ate 1 power bar and consumed 3 gels while riding (those gels really do give you a nice little pick me up but are a little nauseating to fill you mouth with, especially when you are already a little bit nauseated). Anyway, it is amazing amount of energy that you can expend on a bike!

Well I guess that is all for today, I need to go to bed!!!

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