Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Say it ain't so.....

Since the site seems to need a little momentum, I thought I would contribute. There seems to be quite a bit of truth to the adages "Time flies when you are having fun!" and "The years go quicker the older you get!" I'm not certain which culprit to hold accountable in this case, but I know one thing; the official countdown to Ironman Canada is 4 DAYS 18 HR 15 MIN 18 SEC. Did time fly? Certainly. Did we have fun getting here? You bet!! (REMINDER: "Fun" is a user-defined term.)

Now, before all you blog reading/tri training fanatics start snickering at my impending bout with pain, I remind you your day is coming.....in exactly 305 DAYS 18HR 14 MIN 13 SEC!!!! Cheers!!

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